10 Random thoughts

Okay these are in no particular order but here are 10 random thoughts about health / training / nutrition / life.

1. Why do people still eat food’s that they know are bad tor them – do they not actually know the difference good food / good nutrition makes or do they just not care, what the hell. Now I am not saying you have to be prefect all the time but seriously you can get healthier options than what most people shovel into their gobs.

2. Putting a price on Health – organic food might cost a little more, personal training may seem expensive, but how much did you spend the last time you had a big night out? I know people that spend more money on their cars than they do on themselves.

3. Join a team – Together Everyone Achieves More (i know its cheesy, but its true), when you work with others instinctively you don’t want to let them down – so you work a little harder / lift your game and you share in the rewards.

4. Prevention is always better than cure – if ain’t broke don’t fix it??? Dumb idea, why wait for something bad to happen eg. Injury or getting sick before you decide to look after yourself.

5. Success doesn’t happen overnight – it takes work, time and dedication.

6. Certain people and places – drain and leech energy away from you. Try to avoid these paces and people and you will be much happier.

7. Laugh more – far too many of us take life too seriously. Let your hair down every now and then watch a funny TV show or movie.

8. Do something spontaneous – ok I know I always bang on about having a plan (and I do mean it) but sometimes it’s great to just see what happens. When I was in the US I drove (a Mustang convertable) from LA to San Francisco – I was taking my time enjoying the sights of Highway 1, I had a rough idea where I wanted to stop, but didn’t quite get there. I found a hotel on the side of the road in a town called Ragged Point – was one of the best places I stayed on my trip!!

9. Consistency= Results. One workout won’t get you fit. Working out consistentlywill get you fit.

10. Common sense is no longer common – case and point attached image. Okay you go to the gym to workout – walking up the stairs won’t kill you. You may need the use the down escalator after a leg workout though!!! HaHa


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