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I have written a fair bit of stuff over the last 18 months on this blog and posted well over 100 entries. I have covered goal setting, given heaps of nutritional and training advice and loads of other health tips. That’s great I love sharing information and hopefully educating you. The one thing I find tough though is getting people to take action.

I want people to get results – I can push them in the gym, tell them what they should and shouldn’t eat but realistically it is up to them to take control and own it. I have conducted quite a few coaching sessions this year and asked people a lot of hard questions and really pushed them to give me definitive answers. To honest I have at times felt like a real prick, but the results that these people have achieved in such a short period of time that has totally blown me away.

You have to ask yourself – What do you want?

Why is this important to you?

How committed are you to achieving this?

You really need to ask yourself these questions over and over dig a little deeper and uncover the underlying motivation. Once you find that you are well and truly on your way! I am going to leave you with a quote: “Only you can change yourself”

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