We can now relax

Earlier this month I wrote a blog about ‘work life balance’ and gave you several tips to help you improve in this area. If you have been successful here you may now find that  you have some spare time, so now you can start thinking and looking at when and where you are going to take your next holiday.

Every year we get 4 weeks holiday and some of us never ever take them – we just accrue them. When I left my old job over 7 years ago I had 8 weeks owing – which was a nice bit of cash to help me start up my new business – but not really what it was intended for.

It wasn’t until last year I realised the how important taking a holiday is. I did take breaks at Christmas and Easter, but didn’t really go away or do anything special – and as a result i would start back at work highly unmotivated. Last year I went to Thailand for a couple of weeks – was only suppose to be 10 days but political unrest there meant protesters stormed the airport, which meant I got a few extra days which didn’t upset me. : )

I learnt that getting away from work and becoming a tourist was actually fun and exciting; to see new places and try new things and of course lay by the pool and not have to stress about things that are actually insignificant. We need to take time to live life, try new things and have fantastic experiences – and what better way to do that than travelling.

Why not start organising it now. There are some great deals and cheap flights overseas and domestic at the moment. You decide to go skiing or head somewhere warm and escape the winter chill. Look in to it because you deserve a break. Once it is all booked in you have something to look forward to. I am just in the process of booking my next holiday and am already getting excited.

- Anthony

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