6 tips for improved performance

Switched On Book CoverWhen I started this blog oh so long ago – I had 5 elements that each individual needed to master or at least address to help them perform better. Being good in just one or two areas is not good enough if you want to be the best (and for many of my clients that means making the AFL).

1. Think – We can all beat ourselves up at time and sometime shit that is beyond our control can just happen. When this seems to be happening to you – you need to take the steering wheel and take control. Only you can change you – you need to take responsibility for you and your own actions.

2. Move – exercise improves body and brain function. It releases chemicals and hormones that make you feel good. So what the F#$% aren’t you exercising. It can be as simple as going for a walk and as hardcore as a warrior workout – it’s pretty darn simple move your ass.

3. Fuel – what you shovel in you gob is what fuels and repairs each and every cell in your entire body. Are you sure you want to eat that crap? You are what you eat and what you eat becomes you. (Hope my footy players are reading this!!!)

4. Repair – Sleep is the key to repair. There are 2 critical periods during sleep where firstly body and then mind are repaired. You need to get to bed on time (10:30 the latest) and should aim for 8 hours of sleep.

5. Relax – Taking time out! You need to take a little time out each day (it maybe a simple as having a coffee in the sun. Try to utilise your weekends properly and don’t forget to take a holiday with that annual leave. Get away enjoy life recharge and get ready to go again.

6. Last but not least – actually its where you should start. Have a goal – and be prepared to do what needs to be done to achieve it.

- Anthony

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