7 Tips for dropping Bodyfat

One the most frequent questions I get asked is how can I drop bodyfat fast. The only problem with this question is most of the time people don’t like the answers. Do I need to more cardio don’t I? No. So what do I need to do? Well I have listed 7 tips to help you lose that bodyfat.

1.    Eat smaller meals more often – this will boost your metabolism and help keep you blood sugar levels even. Most people think they have to eat less to lose weight / bodyfat but that is not the case – when you eat less your metabolism slows this is a survival mechanism, that eats muscle tissue and store bodyfat. That’s not what we want.

2.    Exercise – obviously exercise and weight / fat loss goes hand in hand.  I recommend a minimum of 30mins at least three times per week. Although if you really want to make a significant changes to bodyfat you should be exercising five to six days per week.

3.    Eliminate all simple sugars from your diet – sugar is nothing but empty calories. Simple sugars raise your blood sugar level too quickly triggering an insulin response – insulin stores excessive energy in bodyfat.

4.    Build some muscle – more muscle means higher metabolic rate, which means you burn more calories every minute of every day. Strength training is the key – a well designed strength training program will help you build lean muscle mass.

5.    Drink water – water makes up around 75% of the human body, water plays many roles in the body aiding in digestion, detoxification and delivery of nutrients. Forget sports and energy drinks if you want fat loss drink water and lots of it.

6.    Get to bed on time – sleep is where the body repairs itself. Everyone knows that they are suppose to get 8 hours of sleep however not too many people actually get enough sleep.

7.    Be organised – this is really one of the most important steps. Preparation is the key – food, exercise and sleep are critical. If you’re not organised you wasting your time.

If you can implement these 7 tips into your lifestyle you will not only reduce bodyfat – you will also feel great and have loads of energy.
–    Anthony

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