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Today we face an epidemic. Half our population is either overweight or obese. It is a massive problem that is spiralling out of control. A lack of physical activity / exercise are definitely contributing factor to this epidemic. But the real problem lies with the CRAP people are eating. People know that fast foods like McDonalds and co are not good for them. So while trying to steer clear of junk foods, they eat what they believe are healthier options but unfortunately this isn’t true.

CRAP may sound harsh, but CRAP stands for Caffeinated, Refined, Artificial and Processed. Walk into any Supermarket in Australia and check out the isles full of breakfast cereals, biscuits, muesli bars, soft drinks, energy drinks, cakes, frozen desserts, chocolate bars, muffins, chips the list goes on. These CRAP foods have found their way into our supermarket trolleys and now these foods are becoming the staple foods of the Australian diet.

So why is CRAP so bad?
Caffeinated – caffeine is added to food/ drink as a quick boost of energy. This energy comes from stress hormone, Cortisol, releasing into your blood. The job of stress hormones is to keep us safe, to protect and preserve the body. During times of stress the body breaks down the muscles tissues to use as energy and while storing fat.

Refined – the two most common examples of refined foods are white sugar and white flour. Both started out whole, raw sugar and whole grain wheat. Their broken down, separated and bleached, leaving behind a nutrient deficient product that is used in most processed food.

Artificial – artificial colours, preservatives, sweeteners and flavouring. Basically chemicals concoctions whipped up in a lab before being added to our foods.  These are designed to mask the taste, smell and appearance of our foods while making them last for weeks, months and years.
Note: Food manufactures do not have to label the actual names of the chemicals used, just their chemical numbers, so we don’t even know what is in the products!

Processed – milk and dairy products are pasteurised, homogenised to extend their shelf lives. Long life milk, canned and packaged foods shelf lives can span months and sometimes even years.

Cutting the Crap!
First and foremost it is vital that people take responsibility for their own actions and parents need to be responsible for their children. You are responsible for the food you put into your mouth.  Even if you are not overweight you should look at cutting out the CRAP. All of these colours and preservatives in this nutrient deficient food are having a negative effect on your health and your health is too important.

Find out what is in your food by starting to read food labels, and if you don’t know how learn how. Know how to read labels will make it extremely easy for you to choose if you should actually buy a product or steer clear. Look out for sugar content and also any numbers in the ingredients list.

Remembering to that the longer the shelf life, the worse the product is going to be for you.

Chose smarter snacks – ditch the muesli bar or the muffin. These products contain highly process ingredients like white sugar and white flour. Instead go for a small piece of fruit and or a handful of nuts.

- Anthony

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