Are you up for a challenge?

How many training sessions and programs all look the same? Not sure – the answer is heaps of them. About 2 years ago I found a new training protocol – which I like to add to my annual training plan 1 or 2 times a year (the creator’s train this way all the time – which I think is not such a great idea for many reasons but 1 is that it just gets a bit boring).

dsc00098Ok so it is called EDT – Escalating Density Training – fancy name, it actually means doing more work in the same amount of time. The original version of EDT meant you choose 2 exercises  and alternate between the 2 and completing as many reps as possible in 15mins. So you need a stop watch, pen and paper handy to record your reps (I draw a 2 columns 1st exercise and 2nd exercise). Are you ready?

As an example let’s use 2 bodyweight exercises – Chin-ups and Push-ups. But you can choose any exercise.

Now we talk tactics – you can set the number of reps you wish to complete each round but you don’t want to go to failure – yeah sure you might be able to bust out 12 chin-ups but the next set you might only get 6 out, we really want consistency. So I would look at doing 8 reps and trying to maintain 8 reps for as long as possible – you will fatigue and by the 10min mark you might be completing 4 reps (trust me its hard work).    So start the clock and complete your first set of 8 Chin-ups, write down 8 reps in the Chin-up column and go straight to push-ups and write the number of reps, repeat, repeat, repeat, so on and so on until you reach the 15minute mark. Now you are done and you have a set a personal best and have a score to beat next time.

This model works well – after Chin-ups and Push-up, I had about a 5minute rest then complete a second 10minute round of arms: BB Bicep Curls and Skull Crushers. Legs (on another day of course) included Deadlifts and Step down lunges (fun). You may, no you will be in pain the next day. Stick to it for about 4 weeks and see how much you can improve. Try to beat your personal best everytime.

To spice it up a little I made a few little tweaks – why just do 2 exercises why not choose say 4 exercises set the number of reps you must complete for each exercise and go. Eg 20 Lunges, 10 Chin-ups, 10 Push-ups and 10 Rev Crunches. Set the watch for 20mins and go go go – remember to record each round (this method you may record the time to complete each round). Realistically the possibilities are endless and only controlled by how hard you are willing to work.  The goal is to beat your personal best – always ensure you train with good form.

Good luck.


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