Back pain – other reasons why

Back pain in some way shape or form effects around 3 in every 4 people. There can be many causes for a person to have back pain such as a previous injury, poor posture caused by muscle imbalances, sitting in a chair for 8 plus hours per day, but sometimes it can be as simple as poor diet or even being dehydrated! Yep you read it right – poor diet or being dehydrated.

How possibly could a poor diet cause low back pain? Well let me teach you right now.

If you eat a food that you body is intolerant of – like let’s say wheat (side note: did you know that 75% of white skinned people are intolerant of all grains?), which is found in everything from breads, cereals, pasta’s but even finds its way into sauces and marinates. Well when you eat it, it travels down the normal route until it gets to the small intestine where because your body doesn’t like it you cannot digest it. It just sits there causing irritation of the lining resulting in pain and bloating of the intestines and the abdominal wall which are on the same nerve route. I will discuss pain and muscular inhibition another time. Basically this causes the abdominal wall shut off and which muscles are critical to stabilise your low back? Yes you guessed it your abdominals. Eating crap foods can = Back pain!

Dehydration being the cause of back pain is also an often overlooked. Your body is made of around 75% water and water is super important to many of the body functions, such as: digestion, delivery or nutrients, circulation of blood, excrement of waste, lubrication of joints and internal organs and regulation of body temperature. How then can dehydration contribute to back pain – well if you don’t drink enough water your body can recycle water – clever hey. But unfortunately one of the first sites water is taken from is that water that is  used to lubricate the discs and vertebrae of your back – creating a dry stiff and sore back. Being dehydrated can = Back pain!

So if you tried everything and still experience back pain maybe you should try – ridding your diet of foods you are intolerant of and drink more water – for most people around 2.5 litres. Sadly though most people will avoid these two important factors and continue on performing 100’s of situps and back strengthening exercises – but will probably always have a sore back.

- Anthony

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