Balanced Diet

A balanced diet is important if you want to be healthy – but what is a balanced diet?

Is it a low fat diet?
Is it a high protein diet?
Is it eating 5 vegetables and 2 fruits per day?
Do you have to weigh my food?

Well to answer these questions firstly we need to know; is there a one size fits all nutritional regime? In a word the answer is – no. Everyone is unique, just like everyone looks different, everyone digests food differently – it just makes sense doesn’t it?

For thousands of years Eskimos have survived and thrived on diets consisting of 90% protein and fat and only 10% carbohydrate. They had very few recorded cases of heart disease, cancer and diabetes – which are all common in western society these days. We also have the Quetchus Indians of South America that lived on mainly vegetable diet because meat was so scarce in there region.

So we have two totally different races living healthy and disease free lives – living on two totally different diets. So what diet is right for you? Are you an Eskimo or are you a Quetchus Indian? If you’re like me tracing back through family histories is a bit difficult – my father is Italian and my mum is of English and German heritage.

We do have a solution to this problem and that is to get metabolically typed. Metabolic typing puts you into 1 of 3 categories and that is your starting point for fine tuning your optimal individual nutritional requirements.

Protein Types – 70% Protein and Fat 30% Carbohydrates
Mixed Type – 50% Protein and Fat 50% Carbohydrates
Carb Type – 30% Protein and Fat 70% Carbohydrates

Once we know what the right mix of Protein, fat and carbohydrates are you can then begin to balance you meals appropriately. When you eat right for your metabolic type you will have loads more energy; no more blood sugar highs and crashes, lose / maintain healthy weight and bodyfat; the function of you immune system will improve and you will be balanced

Four simple ways to Balance your diet:
A balance diet start with identifying your Metabolic Type
Following your type’s nutritional plan
Drinking enough water
Cutting out all simple sugars and processed foods

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