Battling the 3pm Blues

Fatigue affects performance and productivity, when you are tired you cannot work at your best. 3pm or mid afternoon is about the time many of our brains go to mush or we go reaching for the sugar fix. Why is this so? How can we to fight off this performance bogey?

Firstly, I would begin with what you had for lunch? How was your meal portioned? Not having the right mix of protein, carbohydrates and fat can leave you feeling like you have just hit the wall. Knowing your Metabolic Type and following those guidelines is the best place to start. Keeping a food log and filling it in properly can help you learn what foods work better for you. (Note: You get out what you put in here, if you fill in your food logs half arsed, the information you get out is pretty useless.)

Secondly you might try getting up and getting out. Use your lunch time properly; sitting at your desk reading emails or updating your facebook status isn’t going to prevent the 3pm blues. But a short sharp lunchtime training session or going for a walk will definitely do the trick. Exercise gives you an endorphin release, leaving you feeling great, as well as pumping blood to all of your muscles and burning calories. 20 – 30minutes is all you need. If lunchtime is too hard before work can also be very effective.

My third tip is to keep smart snacks on hand. Raw nuts are the best, steering clear of roasted or salted. Nuts contain omega 3’s healthy fats as well as vitamin E, magnesium and potassium. Consuming a small amount of nuts can help tide you over until dinner time.


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