Beating my head against a brick wall

1Some people are stupid РI used to give them the benefit of the doubt but now I reckon within 15sec (maybe a bit too  harsh, a couple of mins) decide if they are going to get it or am I just going to beat my head against a brick wall again. People come to me all the time for advice Рwhich is my job I know Рbut they are not willing to take on board or even try the advice I give them.

I understand that making changes to lifestyle is difficult – and I don’t expect people to get it 100% right from the get go – but their efforts are not even half assed.

Doing the same thing and expecting a different result is insane – change takes time – you have to be open and accepting. Changing your body is more than one workout or one meal – consistency is the key. Over time, week by week and month by month puts you on the right path – the path to success.

- Anthony


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