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If only having a flat tummy or six pack was as easy as using the AB King pro. If only shaping your legs and butt was as easy as using the OrbiTrek Elite. I hate to be the one to break it to you – but if you have every bought one of these or any other training / exercise gimmick you’ve been duped and play the sound (go on!)

imgabkingmainIf only losing weight and toning up were as easy as the 7, 8, 10 or 15 mins per day that infomercial said, those machines wouldn’t be under your bed or in the garage gathering dust – you would still be using them.   You could also be watching a documentary on unicorns and lepricorns (okay that was too much sarcasm).  If you want a better body it is time to step up – big bang exercises are the answer.

Big bang exercises in my opinion are the essence of the working smarter not harder theory. Most gyms today are filled with machines galore that isolate muscles – machines that target one maybe two body parts at a time. Big bang exercises are compound exercises, complex movements – meaning more muscles are involved in exercise – meaning you burn more calories. I know that these exercises maybe perceived as harder – and I make no apologies for that – but they will save you time, are more effective and therefore better for you.

Why on earth would you use 4 or 5 different leg machines – leg extension, leg curl, glute machine, adduction machine and calf machine – when you can just perform a few sets of squats –isn’t that working smarter?

Squats are merely one example I could go on and on – but instead I will share with you my top 6 Big bang exercises.

My top 6 Big bang exercises

1.    Squat – the squat is king in my book. It is great for strengthening your legs, hips and bum.

2.    Chin-ups – most people hate chin-ups, it is because they are tough. Lifting your own body weight – or most of it anyway – there is nothing more satisfying.

3.   Lunges – girls and guys if you want a better butt make lunges your new best friend.

4.   Chest press on ball – I do like bench press (like most males) but a dumbbell chest press on the ball works almost every muscle in your body.

5.    Woodchops – cable woodchops are great for your obliques while integrating your legs, core and upper body in the one exercise.

6.    Deadlifts – again a really tough exercise that works your legs, core and upper body.

These exercises are tough but that is because they are effective – and if none of them are in your current exercise routine: why not? Work smarter remember.

- Anthony

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