Blistered, sore but looking for the next challenge

Yesterday our running group took part in the Run for the Kids, 14.1km fun run. Since mid January we have been in training for this day – and for many in my group it was the first time they we going to run the distance.r4k2

Every Tuesday morning at 6am, the group and I set out on training runs. Interval training, 500m repeats, repeat hills and long jogs have all been in preparation for yesterday. Along with 30,000 others we set out on the challenging run; that takes you through the Domain tunnel, over the Bolte Bridge through Docklands and back to the Tan.

I wish to congratulate my team who all were able to complete the run in less than 70 minutes – faster than 12km/hr – what a fantastic effort.

Nursing a blood blister the size of a 10cent piece, and with some of the others hobbling around (looking like they had been hit by a car), we sat around the table at lunch discussed what our next event / next challenge was going to be; Sydney City to surf or the half marathon in October?  Let my foot heal first, and let me forget about how sore my legs are right now, and I will let you know.

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