Thought for the day #1 – Ditch the Scales

This has been a pet pev or mine for a long time. I see Personal Trainers doing this with clients before every session, and it really makes no sense.

Stop using weight & what the scales say as the be all and end all of your training. This picture is a perfect example both girls weigh ... read more



Clients that should ask for their money back

It is a trainer’s job to help their clients achieve their health and fitness goals, however I believe that many trainers are doing their clients an injustice. Most clients want to lose body fat, however some of these all mighty trainers know better and subdue their clients to countless hours of what I call fluffy ... read more

12 Week Shape Up

Summer body’s are made in winter.

Shape Up for summer program. For the next 12 Weeks our goal is to help you train hard, eat clean and get results. With our coaching we will help you make smarter food and supplement choices to help you lose body fat from your trouble areas. Various training options are ... read more