Changing the way we think

How we interpret situations can lead to stress. We do have choices on how we can interpret  situations; when someone cuts you off while driving you have two choices you can forget about it or you can toot your horn, jump out of your car and confront them. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out which scenario is more stressful.

When we get stressed our body releases a hormone called cortisol. To find out a bit more about cortisol check out a previous entry ‘Balancing the ANS’ by clicking here. In a nut shell – cortisol turns our bodies into fat storage machines (the opposite of what most of us want).

So what is the solution?

It would be easy to say avoid stressful situations, but that isn’t really going to help you a lot is it? Unless you win tattslotto allowing you to quit work, move down to the beach and live happily ever after.  The real solution is in the name of this entry – Changing the way you think!

Cartoons often use an angel and demon whispering into the either ear of the main character offering their advice. On one side the angel offering you good positive advice and on the other the demon giving you negative advice. So what voice will you listen to? (hopefully you said the angel)angel-vs-devil

Tips for positively changing the way you think:

  1. Obviously – Eating right, exercising and make sure you’re getting enough sleep, will aid you.
  2. Thinking through the situation – avoid jumping to conclusions, think logically about ‘how you can’ instead of way you cannot.
  3. Not everything is worth worrying about – too often it is the little things that stress us out the most, don’t sweat the small stuff.
  4. Take a timeout – break away from you problems, go for a walk (while you’re doing that repeat step 2)
  5. Stand up or sit up straight – poor posture is a negative, good posture reflects confidence, strength and positivity.
  6. Bloody smile or better yet laugh – laughter releases endorphins which make you feel good and laughter is great physical and emotional release.

Change can be difficult – but it is not impossible. Change the way you think – stress less, lose weight and feel great – sounds like a pretty good reason.

- Anthony

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