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Christmas is fast approaching – Christmas parties and the festive season are about to be in full swing. It is a great time of year – people are happy, in a good mood and (if you’re taking time off) you get a break from all the day to day….

drunk-santaChristmas time though, is where we can let our guard start to slip – party / junk foods and worse still the alcohol consumption become more frequent.  But we are Australian and without a few drinks lets face it wouldn’t be Christmas. So here is my Christmas Time survival guide:

1.    Drink lots of water – either before heading to the office function / bbq or whatever – during (1 for 1 works well). Alcohol dehydrates you as well as being high in carbohydrates and spiking your blood sugar levels. Remember that it is excess carbohydrates that make you fat!!! When the shots come out it is usually a good time to go home.

2.    Look for healthier things to eat or bring your own – the right foods when drinking can slow the effects of alcohol (not usually what we try to do, but I am thinking about your butt, gut and thighs). You should be trying to eat protein to balance out the carbs from the alcohol.

3.    Try to exercise in the mornings – your workouts are extremely important this time of year – exercise can burn off the alcohol calories and sweating is part of your body’s detox system. While getting your workouts over early in the day ensures that they still get done.

4.    If you are outdoors remember the sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat. Another rule if you are drinking do not bloody drive. It is not worth the risk at anytime – but especially Christmas.

5.    Lastly stay away from photocopiers (photo evidence is never good), karaoke or dance floors because you might end up looking like a total tool / laughing stock of the office. Oh and one more thing; I would advise against anything else that may seem like a really funny prank – because what seems funny when you have had a few beers of wines isn’t so funny in the boss’s office on Monday morning!!! I know : )

Have fun at Christmas but don’t go overboard – it doesn’t take much to undo all the hard work you have put in all year.
–    Anthony

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