Detox Diary day 1

I awoke this morning to no alarm great start to the day it is 7:30am and I don’t have to rush off to work – thank god I gave up that 8am class. However I soon realize that today is day 1 of my Cleanse / Detox. Why the hell am I doing a detox / cleanse you may well ask and at this point I think that that is a fair question and I am starting to ask myself the same question.

I have been feeling ordinary for probably the last 2 years. I am not sick – my blood work is all clear but I am feeling flat and lethargic. I exercise 4 – 6 times per week and my motivation fluctuates. I know how it feels to feel great and bounce up out of bed ready to jump into anything that life will throw me – but that has gone and seems a distant memory. I have tried heaps of things to try and regain that feeling – I suspected my adrenal glands where tired so I gave up coffee for a month and didn’t really feel better, made significant changes to my diet but that didn’t seem to work either. Tested my digestion and that seems ok. So I decided to try a detox / cleanse to see if this will help me. I want to focus on 2 main areas – the first is to give my digestive system and break and chance to recover and rebuild. The second reason is to detoxify my liver – the liver is an extremely important organ and I think mine may be a bit slugglish.

I must also say that I really want to drop some body fat – I have been training hard and have increased size and a lot of strength too since Christmas but I am now the heaviest I have ever been which isn’t ideal because I am tried to increase my running (interval based) but I am struggling with the extra weight. ( I now understand now why AFL footballers can’t pack on too much muscle over the preseason!!)

My problem areas are: my upper legs and my mid section. Thanks to my Biosignature qualification I know that the hormones I need to target.  My Goal = Single Digit bodyfat and currently 21.9% and I weigh 88.8kgs

I will be using Medical foods and some Liver support supplements as well as eating 1 green vegetable per day.

My supplements are set out for the morning are set out:

1 Serve of Fibre (15g – Primal Fiber)

I then jump in the shower then I have my first meal of the day:

Estrogenomics Px Vanilla (2 Scoops in Water) + 10 BCAA + P1P2 Balance (for Liver detox)

Followed by 2tbs of L-Glutamine in water

I then went to the gym Today’s work out was Back / Pulling Exercises I also threw in 4 sets of Squats and 3 sets of Front squats.

Returning from the gym 12pm I have another   Estrogenomics Px Vanilla (2 Scoops in Water) + 10 BCAA’s + P1P2 Balance

About 2pmI am a little bit annoyed at myself I was suppose to of already prepared my broccoli but  I need to take off for work so I have a Phyto Px (Mixture of vital greens and reds)

I trained a couple of clients and now I am feeling a dull headache nothing major I wolf down another shake this time it a Inflam Px Mango OMG that is not a good flavour – actually that was hard work getting that one down.

Trained another client then headed home. It hard to explain I am not starving but I really really want to eat. I jump out of my car and I can smell food yum. I jump in the lift yep someone one level 1 is cooking up a storm. I finally reach my apartment great I can finally eat – woohoo tonights dinner Broccoli : ) I also had a second serve of Phyto Px.

I demolish my broccoli and just before I go to bed I have another shake this time Estrogenomics Px Chocolate (2 Scoops in Water) + 10 BCAA and some Zinc and Magnesium.

My first day wasn’t too bad I did get a dull headache but it I was able to cope and it faded once I consumed another shake.

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