What do you think of when you hear the word discipline? Maybe you think of someone yelling and screaming to get their point across, or maybe it is someone just going about your business knowing exactly what it is they have to do -that  is what discipline means to me. I can guarantee you one thing without discipline you will never achieve your goals.

Many of us lack discipline in one or more areas of lives – we get lazy, cut corners and take the easy option. It is these people who need the kick up the backside. These people may get a short term benefit from having someone yelling and screaming or ranting and raving, it may just be the wakeup call that person needs. But without the self discipline this type of motivation will only remain short term.

For several years I was a bootcamp instructor and every month we would have around 60 new recruits sign up for my team and I to whip them into shape. Many people achieved fantastic result from bootcamp, first and foremost because of the discipline; firstly as instructors we didn’t take any sh!t, if you were late the group did push ups, if people talked the group did push ups and it was this mentality that soon rubbed off on the recruits – helping them to get results.

Last week I talked about having a dry July – that takes a hell of a lot of discipline. Discipline is mindset – and to be successful you are going to need to be mentally tough. As we in the southern hemisphere move  further into winter, and the days get colder motivation to exercise starts to wavier, one or two little undiscipline acts can quickly snowball and totally derail your health and fitness regime. Here are some tips to help you stay discipline.

6 Steps to stay discipline:

1. Set realistic goals that you actually want to achieve – write it down, make it real and commit yourself to achieving it.

2. Get a training partner, Personal Trainer or join a group. This will make not only accountable to yourself but also to someone else – and you don’t want to let them down.

3. Create a schedule – if you haven’t already; lock in times to train and plan you meals.

4. Have it financial penalty – if you break the rules cough up some cash – those consequences might be enough to stop you from making those weak excuses to weasel your way out of things. Yeah it’s cold, so what – get moving that will warm you up.

5. Fight temptation; say “no” to sabotage, have healthier snacks on hand – almonds, apples and yogurt are much better than chocolate, chips and cookies.

6. Reward yourself – it is easier to stay on track if you know there is a reward waiting.

Discipline is the key to success.

–          Anthony

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