Disciplined sleep?

If we want to perform at our best we know that we must be disciplined – but not too many of us link being disciplined to sleeping. But it sleep is one of the most crucial elements of health, wellness and performance.

Sleep is where the body repairs itself – it rebuilds us physically (bones, muscles, organs, etc) and psychologically. Basically when you sleep you are recharging the battery – and making it stronger and perform better. Isn’t that what we want?

It is not just the rebuilding…

There have been many studies done showing a lack of sleep as being the equivalent of being intoxicated. That might not sound too bad while you work away at your computer, but think about when it comes time to make important decisions – you want to make the right decisions, you don’t want to say sorry I was drunk / really tired!

All you recreational sportsmen and women listen up – reaction speeds of sleep deprived people are 50% slower. This increases your risk of being injured or injuring someone else. This is also important for those of us who drive.

There have also been studies that show people who had their sleep restricted gained weight! In one study participants on average gained 1.31kg during the 11 days of the study – imagine what being sleep deprived for a month or a year could do?

So if you want to improve you athletic performance, general performance or just feel better get discipline about your sleep. If you would like more info on; the importance of sleep click here.
–    Anthony

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