Eat like a Neanderthal

Last week in the Herald Sun’s Health and Fitness section they ran an article titled “Eat like a Neanderthal. Basically it talked about “The Paleo Diet.” Which is not a new phenomenon (maybe it is diet of the week though) but if you actually think about it was the diet that man ate for 1000’s of years – and is the way we should be eating!!!!

The article really didn’t contain a whole heap of information, but it did have a very basic list of what is in and out on this diet.

What is in: Meat, Poultry, Fish, Fruit, Vegetables, Nuts, Seeds, Mushrooms and Roots.

What is out: Grains, Dairy, Beans, Legumes, Refined Sugar and anything processed.

If you could follow this way of eating you would be amazed with the results, there is huge health benefits to getting back to basics so to speak. You would eliminate almost all food allergies – because most of them stem from eating grains and dairy. Which are two of the most heavily processed items – which our bodies struggle to recognize as food. Pasteurisation, Homogenisation, bleached, enriched equals dead food, food is suppose to give us energy – we don’t get it from dead foods!

Realistically we should take this all one step further and only eat organic. Do you honestly believe that the chemicals that are sprayed on fruit and vegetables are safe for humans? Our meat, poultry and fish should live authentic lives – organic free range lives and eat what they were suppose to eat not grains, corn and antibiotics to fatten them up and stop them from being sick.

I have an idea for a tv show – are you smarter than a Neanderthal? Well when it comes to diet not too many people are!

- Anthony

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