DVD Review Eat Move and Be Healthy

In the fitness industry there are not too many people more well know than Paul Chek – his exercise and nutrition courses are taken by people all over the world. In the fitness industry these people are often referred to as ‘Chekies!’ This DVD is of a lecture Paul taught a couple of years back about the book by the same title “How to eat, move and be healthy.” If you haven’t read the book I suggest that you buy yourself a copy – it is filled with loads of valuable information that forms an individualised nutrition and exercise program.

When I first got my hands on a copy of the lecture I thought it was pretty much going to cover the information that is found in the book – but that wasn’t actually the case. In actual fact the next 2½ or so hours Paul took me above and beyond the information that is in his book. I must warn you in advance there is no tippy toeing or sugar coating in this lecture – the facts are spelt out in black and white in the true Paul Chek way.

The lecture starts by Paul introducing you to The Last Four Doctors you will ever need – based on ancient Greek philosopher Hippocrates 3 Doctors model but adding Dr Movement (because today people just don’t move enough) – to Dr Quiet, Dr Diet and Dr Happiness. These four doctors form the foundation principles of health – and when you don’t listen to the four doctors is when you run into trouble.

Paul questions the people that are teaching us health today – namely doctors and nutritionists. He talks about the medical model and how drug companies seem to be running the show – and how they seem more content on selling people dangerous drugs (with dangerous side effects) than actually improving the health of people. This is a fierce debate in itself – which I have an extremely strong opinion on myself but will leave for today.

There is no denying, obesity is a huge problem and Nutritionist to this day are still presenting the food pyramid as the way we should eat – Paul refers to the food pyramid as the fed lot pyramid because it is the same diet farmers feed the animals to fatten them up. No one diet works for everyone – especially when it consists of highly processed carbohydrates such as white flour and white sugar.

It sounds pretty bleak doesn’t it – but don’t worry there is an alternative. As Paul presents it starts with food – well actually it start with the soil! Healthy people are dependent on healthy plants and health animals. It is explained as the Closed Organic Cycle – it is how man has lived for 10,000 or more years, before corporatisation took over and food was still food, not the factory farms and crops weren’t sprayed with chemical fertilizers and god know what else.

Documentaries like Supersize Me, The Future of Food and Food Inc are all great and open your eyes to what is going on around you. How to Eat, Move and Be Health goes where the others don’t – it teaches you what is wrong, why it is wrong and how you can change it.

I highly recommend it 4 STARS.

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