Eat, Train, Sleep

Its time to shed the extra few kg’s you have put on over winter… But where do you start? Well to get the best results it needs to be a multi-disciplined approach. We can summarize it with 3 words Eat, Train and Sleep!

Here are some simple rule to help you achieve this.

Eating Rules

  1. 5 – 7 meals per day
  2. Eat at least one portion of Protein @ each meal
  3. Ditch ALL GRAINS
  4. The only carbs you eat should come from aboveĀ  ground vegetables
  5. Don’t be scared of FAT – good fats actually help you lose fat!

Training Rules

  1. Exercise a minimum of 3 times per week
  2. Strength training (lifting weights) and Interval Cardio are the most effective forms of exercise for losing fat
  3. Use exercises that give you the most bang for you buck – Compound exercises with free weights
  4. Train with intensity and intent – don’t fluff around
  5. Research shows that slow steady state cardio actually makes you fatter – so why would you do it?

Sleeping Rules

  1. Get as close to 8 hours as you can
  2. Get to bed before 10:30pm
  3. Don’t watch TV in bed
  4. Don’t drink coffee after 3pm
  5. You should not have to get up through the night – even to go to the toilet! If you do wake up there maybe a blood sugar issue

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