Filtering your tasks 1

Do you feel like you are constantly under the pump?

Are you forever playing catch-up?

If I asked you “how’s work are going?” would you answer “flat out”?

Are you constantly stuck at the office till late or taking work home that has to be finished by tomorrow?

Do you want a better work / life balance?

If you’re on the yes train you better read on.

As I get older (I know 29 is not that old) I am finding that every day – week, month and year – seems to go by so fast (can you believe it is already May!).  The busier you are the faster time seems to go by – time flies when you’re having fun right? The down side (and it pretty steep) is that work is slowly taking over your life – 40 hours a week is now 50 or more realistically 60 hours – we are supposed to work to live, not the other way around.

Everyone I speak to these days is telling me that they are busier than a one armed man hanging wall paper. Now I understand that people are busy and there are times when you may have to stay back late or take some work home – but these occasions should be rare, not all the time.

My solution – it is really quite simple (I guess the title might have given it away).

You need to improve productivity – you need to stop getting weighed down by all the tasks that are not important and start to focus on the ones that are.

In the quest for a better work / life balance we need help – we need a DUI filter. No it is not: driving under the influence – it is our daily urgent / important filter. The DUI filter is going to save you a lot of stress and time, while restoring some work / life balance.

The DUI filter is really easy to use, it is as simple as running the tasks on your to-do list through 2 questions:

Is this task urgent?

Is this task important?

There are 4 possible answers – and from there you are then able to make the best possible use of time.
1.    Urgent and Important
2.    Non Urgent but Important
3.    Urgent but not Important
4.    Non Urgent not Important

Now that you have identified where the tasks on you to-do list rank – it becomes easy to allocate your time and resources to the tasks that really matter.  This means better time management, improved productivity, less stress and more time.

The month of May is Elevation Performance ‘work smarter not harder month – the DUI filter will see you working smarter not harder.

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