Getting back on track

For most of us today is the first day back at work after the Easter 4 day weekend – what a slog it was getting out of bed this morning. The first day back after a holiday or mini break is always tough – it is actually like going to work with a hangover. Your over indulgence – whether it be too much chocolate, too much alcohol or just too much food – has caught up leaving you bloated, feeling fat and very unmotivated.

You now face a decision – from here you can go 2 ways; the first is to continue on from the last 4 days and let it continue to spiral further and further out of control. Or we can say enough is enough we enjoyed our time out, let’s get back into it! I guess there is actually only option – isn’t there!

The best way to get back on track is to – rediscover your motivation. Go back over your goals, refresh the memory, and re-ignite the torch. If you don’t have any goals write some down! Refer to goal setting made easy

Maybe you up for a challenge – Elevation Performance is launching our 90 days to a new you Transformation Challenge.

90 Days to a new you; is a commitment to yourself first and foremost. For 90 days you will work on the six steps to health, wellness and performance;

thinkYou will change the way you Think

fuelYou will choose the right foods to Fuel for your body

moveYou will Move more and with purpose

relaxYou will learn to Relax, unwind and de-stress

repairYou will let your body Repair, refresh and rejuvenate

workYou will be more Productive, have move energy

Are you ready?

Email: to find out how to get started.

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