Hotel Room workouts

Ok I haven’t been sleeping the best during my trip to London (pretty much wide awake at 3am) and being awake 3 hours before I can get breakfast I thought I should at least try and do a workout – now there is no Hotel gym (and in most cases they are really crappy) and the weather outside is freezing so outdoor training is ruled out – soft I know. But I decided to do a workout in my hotel room.

Now there is zero equipment in the room – I have a bed, and desk and 2 chairs (there is a TV but I can’t really use that). Ok here are my 2 short but sharp workouts

Day 1 Legs:

24 Bodyweight Squats butt touches chair

12 Static Lunges Each side

12 Single Leg Romanian Deadlifts Each side

1 minute rest and repeat for 4 sets.

Day 2 Upper body (timed 30sec on 30sec rest – sounds easy I know but try it!

Pushups four sets

Dips (using chair) four sets

Side hold 30sec on Left then 30 on Right rest 30 sec 4 sets

45* Standing Prone Cobra 1min on 15secs off 4 reps

So it’s been 8 days without a gym but these two 20minute workouts have made me feel slight less guilty about not getting to the gym. Monday morning I will train at one of the Fitness First here in London – I do go to Virgin Active and they don’t let you have a casual visit – poor form IMO!

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