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snowmanWinter spells disaster for many people’s waist lines – the cold weather has us reaching for comfort foods to snack on while we watch television.  Here is a short sharp list of 5 things you can do to avoid the winter weight gain.

1. Remove all temptations – most of the time people reach for the Tim tams or chocolate or any junk food for that matter because they are bored. So I don’t buy any junk food when I go shopping! If I am really craving something I have to go out and get it. Most of the time I decide that I probably don’t really need it or I am too lazy to go and get it.

2. Say no to the white flour and white sugar – these 2 ingredients should be avoided all year around – but especially in winter if you’re trying to maintain or lose weight.  Both are high GI (glycemic index) which means they elevate your blood sugar to quickly meaning you get a quick hit of energy before the big crash.

3. No Fruit – this one is sometimes a bit controversial but fruits are seasonal usually during spring and summer  – which is when we are suppose to eat them. Fruits are also high in fructose which is really just another form of sugar, so we need to mindful of the same blood sugar crashes as mentioned above.

4. Increase strength training – strength training when combine with proper nutrition increases lean muscle mass which increases your metabolic rate. In short you burn more calories every minute of every day!!!

5. Eat a proper breakfast!!! Like your mum said breakfast is the most important meal of the day – the right breakfast will give you long lasting energy, while the wrong breakfast will see you heading for your next double shot latte.

– Anthony

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