I train really hard so I can eat what I want

I train really hard so I can eat what I want! Makes sense.

Wait what? No that is 100% BS – it probably goes back to the old mentality of energy in verses energy out. But I did it in my 20’s you might say – well that won’t work for you these days. It’s a flawed theory – like low calorie and low fat. Our bodies have built in survival mechanisms – which are often overlooked! We have survived floods, drought and famine to get us to where we are today.

Just because you did a spin class doesn’t cancel out that chocolate bar, nor will the weights session cancel out the chicken parma and pot. It might seem ok in the short term but if you keep it up – I know several things that will go up… your weight, bodyfat, pants size I think you get my point. I not saying you can enjoy or indulge every now and then but in moderation – have a cheat meal or day to let your hair down. Don’t ruin everyday by eating crap.

We also forget sometimes what happens when we training or exercise – did you realise that your muscles are actually breaking down:

  1. Glycogen stores from your muscles get converted and are used as energy.
  2. Muscle cells get damaged – microscopic tears occur in the muscle belly as well as stress occurring on joints, connective tissue, tendons and ligaments.

It is actually when we sleep – the first 4 hours of sleep (10pm to 2am) where this repair occurs. But for our bodies to adequately repair requires good nutrition. Protein and Fat are the building blocks – I cannot stress that point enough – yet most people love and over indulge in carbohydrates. Sugary, sweet normally highly processed shit (forgive the language but that is all it is).

Carbohydrates are what your body uses as energy and likes to store (for what I call a rainy day). This goes back to our survival mechanisms remember them? Unfortunately we never experience these rainy days and therefore never burn off the stored energy. Guys its around you gut and girls your stomach, thighs and butt. It is also worthy to note that too much carbohydrate is a stress to the body – elevated blood sugar levels trigger a stress response putting the body into a catabolic state (meaning breaking down muscle and storing bodyfat) – yes the opposite of what you want.

Targeting your problem areas with exercises is not going to work unless you change what you shovel in gob.  So after you next training session you have a decision to make; do what you have always done and get the same result or feed your body what it needs and make changes.

- Anthony

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