Kinesiology – Muscle balancing

Before 3 years ago I had never ever heard of Kinesiology – and at first I was a bit skeptical but after experiencing it for myself I was really able to see and feel the benefits of it. Kinesiology is holistic in the true essence of the word; it uses a series of muscle tests to identify structural (anatomical), mental and emotional (psychological) and biochemical (physiological) imbalances in the body.  These imbalances restrict the natural flow of energy around the body.

If we think about our body as if it were a car, the car will still work if the engine is not firing on all cylinders and the car will still run if the tyres are not bald – but not as well as they should be. Our bodies are the same we can still live and function if our bodies are out of balance but not as well as we should or could be.

The body never lies – each muscle test correlates to a different organ or gland and if you are unbalanced in body, mind or spirit no matter how hard you try certain muscles will unlock – meaning the. It is important to note that these muscle tests are not strength tests and it is vital that the person being tested is totally relaxed and follows the kinesiologist instructions.

Here is a short list of some muscle and their related organs:

  • Supraspinatus – Brain
  • Teres Major – Spine
  • Pec Major Clavicular – Stomach
  • Latissimus Dorsi = Spleen
  • Subscapularis – Heart
  • Quadriceps – Small intestine
  • Peroneus – Bladder
  • Psoas – Kidney
  • Gluteus Medius – Sex organs
  • Teres Minor – Thyroid
  • Anterior Deltoid – Gall bladder
  • Pec Major Sternal – Liver
  • Serratus Anterior – Lungs
  • Tensor Fascia Lata – Large intestine

If and when a muscle does not lock – there is a series of corrections the kinesiologist follows to get the muscle to lock. These corrections include; Neurolymphatic, neurovasculars, meridians, massaging the muscles origin and insertion and also massaging spinal reflexes.

Neurolymphatic massage points – promote lymph flow via the nervous system stimulating energy to the associated organs, glands and muscles.
Neurovascular   holding points – holding points normally on the head and neck that stimulate blood flow to organs, glands and muscles.
Meridians (derived from Chinese acupuncture) – are the path ways of energy.
Origin and insertion massage – is where the muscle is woken up manually.
Spinal reflexes – when both side of the body unlock the spinal reflex associated with that muscle are massage to stimulate blood flow and energy to the organ, gland or muscle.

So kinesiology can be used to assess and correct body functions and the flow of  energy as well as improving your health, wellbeing and vitality – with no pain and without any discomfort what so ever. It really is powerful stuff.
–    Anthony

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