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Everyone makes mistakes – that is life. You have made 1000’s of them and you are going to make 1000’s more – what you need to do is learn from your mistakes to ensure you don’t make the same mistake twice or three times!!

But before you can learn from your mistake/s you first have to admit you made one – and that means taking responsibility. If you don’t take responsibility for it you won’t actually learn anything. Be honest with yourself and don’t play the blame game, it is a cop out – and it maybe what you have always done and it’s probably the reason you are where you are now.

After admitting you have made a mistake it is important not to see it as a failure – but a minor setback. Too many time people beat themselves up over a setback and give up on their goals. This now becomes a test of your character – are you a quitter or do you believe in yourself enough to chase your goal?

There is only one right answer!

Now that you are ready to continue – you need to analyse what caused this setback? Understanding why it happened is the second step in learning from your mistake. Working out the signs leading up to what made you go off the rails, allows you to create a contingency plan for moving forward. What can I do next time?  You already know the answer.

Several years ago I wrote Elevation Performance’s master message here it is:

Step Up

Life is competitive. We constantly face challenges and the bar always seems to get higher. To reach the bar we need to step up, we need to elevate our performance. When you choose to step up there are several different paths you can take. The elevator takes you fast and direct or the stairs take you slowly but surely. The path to the top is not always smooth, and there may also be times where you move backwards. That’s ok because sometimes we have to move backwards to go forwards. It’s time. Step up elevate your performance strive for success.

I think that pretty much sums it up.

The 3 Steps to Learning from your mistakes: Admit – Analyse – Contingency Plan.


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