Maintaining Motivation

Winter is upon us the mornings are dark wet and cold – and this is the time where motivation to get out of bed and go a train can start to waiver. Much has been written about motivation – but not a lot has been written about maintaining motivation. Some people say getting started is the hardest part – I don’t agree. Getting started can be tough but after a few weeks your motivation levels usually start to drop couple that with 5* morning, now that makes it tough to get out of bed and get to the gym.

One of my mentors Charles Poliquin has a great quote when it comes to motivation – actually he asks you a question “Do you love donuts more than you love your Abs?” the same question can be asked about getting out of bed and getting to the gym on a cold morning.

I believe maintaining motivation is about knowing what your goals are – and actually taking ownership of them. If you really want to achieve your goals you need to adopt the “whatever it takes” mentally. We all have moments of weakness or temptation – to stay in bed, eat something we know we shouldn’t – it is at this time you need to ask yourself “is doing this more important to me than my goal?”


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