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For many years there has been the notion – that one diet fits all. In western society we have been told to follow the food pyramid – but we now find that we have become fatter and sicker than ever. We now have the first generation of parents who are expected to outlive their children. What the hell are we doing? The answer is not in a magic pill, potion or diet shake. The answer is customising your diet to meet your body’s ever changing needs. It begins with eating right for your Metabolic Type.

Have you ever wondered ‘Why does a diet works for me and not you?’

The reason is because everyone is biochemically different; each of us are unique we vary in height, weight, colour of skin, hair, eyes, digestion etc. This uniqueness also extends to how we metabolise food – what’s good for me might not be so good for you – because nutrients behave differently in different metabolisms.

Metabolic typing is a systematic, testable, repeatable verifiable methodology for identifying genetically based individual requirements for diet and nutrition. The easiest method of finding out your metabolic type is to complete the questionnaires.

The easiest way to understand metabolic typing is to imagine an old fashioned analogue radio. At one end we have protein types – people who thrive on a higher protein lower carbohydrate diet. At the other end we have carbohydrate types – people who thrive on a diet consisting of more carbohydrates and less protein – these are the two extremes. In the middle we find mixed types – people who need equal amounts of protein and carbohydrates. To make metabolic typing work for us we need to find where we sit on this scale, tune in your frequency.


Once we know your metabolic type – protein, carbohydrate or mixed type – we can begin to fine tune your eating plan for optimum energy and wellbeing.

What do the ‘types’ mean?

Protein types burn through carbohydrates very quickly so they are known as fast oxidizers, and must eat greater portions of protein and fat to slow the conversion of carbohydrates into blood sugar. Carbohydrate types have a tendency to metabolise food very slowly so too much fat or protein can leave them feeling mentally sluggish, hungry and craving sweets or coffee. Mixed types fall somewhere in between, they have to pay close attention to their bodies signals and eat accordingly.

Metabolic typing is the key:

  • to achieving and maintaining your ideal weight
  • eliminating sugar cravings
  • sustained energy and endurance
  • building and maintaining a strong immune system

If you would like find out your metabolic type or have any questions please contact Elevation Performance.


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