Metabolic Analytics


What is Metabolic Analytics?

Pearson’s Law: “That which is measured, improves.”

If you want to lose body fat then why are you jumping on the scales? If you want to lose body fat you need to measure body fat. Lose 5kgs of fat and gain 5kgs of muscle the scales say no progress – but the mirror will tell a different story. A Metabolic Analytic’s assessment goes beyond measuring body fat, it is provides your individualised blueprint to improving body composition by identifying hormone imbalances – basically targeted accelerated fat loss from your trouble areas. Almost sounds too good to be true – but it is not!

The brainchild of Charles Poliquin – the world’s most successful strength coach. Metabolic Analytics puts all of the pieces together drawing on nutritional and functional medicines while addressing numerous lifestyle factors such as sleep and training.

After filling in our questionnaire, one of our highly trained staff conduct a 14-site skinfold test, this provides us with a hormonal profile including:

  • Stress Hormones
  • Insulin
  • Androgen’s
  • Detoxification
  • Inflammation
  • Growth Hormone

Then we design you your own personalised plan for achieving the body you want in the shortest possible time. Whether your goal is to shed body fat, pack on lean muscle mass or perform optimally in your chosen sport, we will equip you with the tools to you get there as fast as possible!

We provide you will a comprehensive report which includes:

  • Advice on any hormonal imbalances you may have
  • Specific nutritional and supplementation plans tailored to your goal
  • Training recommendations
  • Lifestyle recommendations

We recommend follow up consultations every 2 weeks to help you monitor your results, keep you motivated and on track. We guide you every step of the way to help you achieve amazing results in as little as 8 weeks.

Contact us to book in for your 1st Metabolic Analytics consultation.