NY Resolutions & goal setting

I have noticed over the last few weeks particularly in the media people bagging and saying New Year’s resolutions are a waste of time, their justificationĀ beingĀ less than 30% of people who actually achieve them. I am not surprised that 70% of people don’t achieve goals are you?

What many people forget is that goal setting is only the first step in what is actually a process, and process’s usually involve more than just one step. If you want to actually achieve your fitness, weight loss or whatever it may be – requires more than an idea – it requires a timeline, a plan and of course some action.

Your timeline is when you want to achieve this by, 12 weeks etc however it needs to be realistic!!! Once you set a date you can break it down into small checkpoints to ensure that you stay on track – eg 1 kilo per week (yes that is realistic… but you have to work hard!!!).

Then comes the plan – your plan needs to contain details about how you are going to are going to tackle this goal – it is a good idea at this time to look at the bigger picture and all of the areas that will help you achieve your goal – weight loss = exercise. But nutrition is also very important!!!

Goal settingĀ  isn’t a waste of time – it is like many other things you just have to do it properly!!!

A few articles that can help you with the process are:



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