One touch wonder

Before I became a one touch wonder – and no I am not talking about the number of kicks I got at footy on the weekend – my office looked like a total disaster, other names my office might have gone by include; bomb site or a brothel.  Yeah it’s safe to say it was nasty and god knows have I actually got any work done in there.

By far the worst of my clutter was situated around my desk – the one place where I actually need to be able to work. My desk was literally covered with mountains of paper – bills, bank statements, receipts and other random sheets of paper with one or two lines of scribble. Add to that hundreds of cd’s and dvd’s that are sprawled across the desk – with quite a few of them with no label so you have no idea what the hell’s on them and when I cleared it all up I also found over ten books.

I would like to say today though that I have decluttered my desk, entire office and life with a trip to Officeworks with around $50 and by becoming a one touch wonder – yes it was that easy!

The first thing I did was go to Officeworks and purchase a king size cd / dvd’s wallet and suspension folder storage box with some suspension files. Now I could set up a filing system and begin to file things away properly clearing the clutter from desk and also making life so much easier to find things!

The second – the one touch wonder bit – and it is an ongoing step it to when a bill comes in – I jump on the net and use my internet banking and set the bill up to be paid 2 days before its due. It sounds and it is that simple.  My phone bill now always gets paid on time so it won’t be disconnected – again. Once that’s done I can then file the bill away with the rest of my receipts.

It is now so easy – I really wonder why it took me so long to actually do it in the first place.
–    Anthony

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