Organic food being better is a myth? 1

Don’t believe everything you read.

This article was published in the Herald Sun newspaper in Melbourne on the 3rd of May.


Now for my take:

I believe that organic food is better for you! It is natural and the way we were supposed to eat it. Today we are a world full of sick people – and when we look at nutrition we can begin to see why. People eat crap foods – even if you are trying to eat well, vegetables, fruits etc they are sprayed with tons and tons of pesticides, chemical fertilizers, fungicides and the list goes on. Can you see a link? In the article it is mentioned that they didn’t measure pesticide residue. These chemicals are hazardous to your health so why the hell would you want to eat food that has been sprayed with them? That is the first reason I chose to eat organic.

Virginia Worthington MS, ScD, CNS compared organic and biodynamic crops to conventional farmed crops. She reviewed 1230 published comparisons – her results found that organic crops had higher nutrient levels and lower levels of toxicity in 56%, while conventional crops were found to be better 37% of the time. It is interesting that some many studies showed that conventional crops were better – we need to look more closely at these studies and who paid for them. The British Soil Association also analysed 109 of these studies and found that only 27 were actually scientifically valid – of which almost all found organic foods to be significantly better. I always like to know where the information is coming from and who is paying for it – loads of studies are done on everything and a hell of a lot of them aren’t worth the paper their written on. Common sense is the second reason I eat organic – it has to be better for you!

Nutrition aside for a minute – pesticides, chemical fertilizers and the list goes on is sprayed on our foods – but does it stop there? No –  all of these chemicals are killing our soils leaving them unable to grow future crops. These chemicals also spill into our water ways polluting them and any life that exists in them.  Number three reason I choose organic is because it is better for the environment.

- Anthony

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