Performing at your best when it counts

September is footy finals time (in Melbourne anyway) and finals are all about performing on the big stage, and to be successful you have to perform at your best when it counts. For months and maybe even years you have worked you butt off to get to this point, made sacrifices for your chance to achieve something that you set out to do, and now you are almost there.

Sometimes when we are close to achieving our goals it can all go pear shaped, you relax a little and not do all the hard things – all the 1%’s – that are what got you to where you are. Why? Your ALMOST there which means NOT THERE – YET!

Don’t live in regret and say should of or could of…

Instead of taking you foot off the gas – it is actually time to put your foot down! Step up work harder than ever so that you can surpass even your own expectations. But if you don’t believe in yourself, in your ability, your plan and the hard work you put – you may as well put the cue in the rack!

One of my favourite quotes is “the journey of 1000 miles begins with 1 step.” As we get closer to our goals we actually need to start taking bigger steps!

This is not just applicable to football teams, it is applicable to you. It is important that you are performing at your best when it counts and when it is most important.

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