Group Training Programs

Elevation Performance Group Fitness Programs

Abs2 [Agility, Boxing, Speed & Strength]

ABS2 is a 1 hour group training session combines all the skills of boxing, agility, quickness with strength training for increases in muscle tone, fat burning, core strengthening and flexibility.

We are running a 3 day per week for 5 week New Year Program…Check out the flier ABS2 Summer 12.

Shift or Specialised High Intensity Fitness Training

Shift is a twice a weekly training program designed for the individual that is time poor and wants to make their training count. The workouts are challenging but extremely rewarding.

Day 1 consists of cardiovascular training, while day 2 is strength training (usually gym based).

The Shift program works both the aerobic and anaerobic systems and encapsulates what everyone wants from a training regime, which is to add and tone muscles as well as lose bodyfat.

Many of our clients continue with the Shift training program all year round!