Protein Shake good?

I had a interesting conversation yesterday, a friend of mine who is a bit older told me he has been training hard (or at least his definition of hard) and was drinking what he described as a protein shake about twice a day. Nothing weird so for until he later went on to tell me that when his doctor completed his blood work and the results came back and he was actually pre-diabetic.

Now I am not sure what brand of so called protein he was using but he was also mixing it with skim milk – which for if you don’t know is just normal milk with some fat taken out leaving it with a higher sugar content.

As far as the protein well you must check the label and you want to find the brand with the highest protein content per 100g ideally around 85% plus. Cheaper brands and weight gain powders are usually around 50 – 75% protein with the rest being sugar all you are actually getting is a slightly higher protein milkshake which is not ideal if you are trying to drop bodyfat and increase lean muscle mass.

My advice is maybe avoid the protein shake all together use BCAA’s. If you must have a shake ensure that you can tolerate dairy then go for a WPI or WPC with at least 85% protein and mix it with water, coconut water.

I also recommend getting your doctor to run some blood tests, but I will go into that in more detail another time.

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