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It is really easy to get carried away with the day in day out boring old stuff. If we don’t have set goals we can find ourselves in cruise control, content to go with the flow and not achieve what we deep down would really like too. If you are tired of just going through the paces, if you want to feel, look or move better you need to step up.

Elevation = Stepping up.

Setting your goals – before you can go anywhere you need to set your goals. A lot of people roll their eyes when discussing goals, but this is one of the most important steps. Once you put pen to paper you are now making a commitment to yourself. I have already covered this in a previous entry: goal setting made easy.

Choosing your path – your time line may decide the path you must choose. If your time line is short you will need to take a more direct route – the elevator. If your goals are more long term, the stairs may be a good option.

elevator-buttonstairsThe Elevator – if you’re in a hurry the elevator will get you there fast and direct. The elevator relies on everything coming together to following your plan to the tee – not only nutrition and exercise, but making sure you all of the lifestyle factors are also being addressed (sleep, stress etc).

The Stairs - by taking the stairs small incremental steps take you there slowly but surely. The stairs allow you to spend more time mastering the each step on your way up. You may start with exercise then begin looking at nutrition after a month etc.

What if I start to go backwards? Sometimes we do go backwards, we are human. Life is sometimes like sport and in many sports they move backwards to go forward. Remember your goals, get your attitude and mindset right, learn from your mistakes and move forward.

The time is now, are you ready to step up?

- Anthony

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