Have you ever noticed how much more you get done when you’re alone?  It seems so much easier to concentrate when no one else is around – there is no one to interrupt your train of thoughts, you don’t have to listen to anyone’s pointless conversations, it is just you and the task you have at hand.

Many of us can suffer from extremely low attention spans (probably caused by television, lack of sleep or lack of coffee) and when we are in an office environment we can easily get drawn away from the tasks at hand and engage in non productive activities – such as conversations, web surfing, emailing and texting.

So this month’s productivity tip is all find your quiet place, somewhere you can lock yourself away and can get your work done peacefully – find solitude.

Now we are not talking solitary confinement or anything like that.

What we want is your little place or time where you can be alone for a period of time without external interruptions – no phone, no email, and no internet. Thus allowing you concentrate and focus your brain power into a specific task or tasks.

Many great writers, thinkers, and artists have produced their best works while working in solitude – with the distractions gone, it is so much easier to create masterpieces. Yet so many professionals and executives today get so caught up in meetings (and non productive tasks) that they never really maximise their true productivity because they are entrenched in their daily routine – working in instead of working on (I will go into more detail about this in another entry).

Now you don’t have to lock yourself away for hours or even days, I believe you can set the wheels in motion with as little as 15 minutes. For myself, to be most productive I have found 30 minutes to an hour of solitude is plenty of time for me to find the zone – any longer and I can lose focus.

So grab yourself a coffee or some water (probably the healthier choice) and find your little piece of solitude.

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