Spring Cleaning

spring cleaningOk spring is here and it is time for some spring cleaning – Elevation Performance style. Now I don’t mean dusting your trinkets, mopping floors or washing windows (unless your heart rate over 110bpm, just kidding,) this spring clean is all about you!

Spring is about new life – gone with the old and in with the new – so that’s what we are going to do.

Out: CRAP Foods In: Organic foods
Out: Soft Drinks In: Water
Out: Anything Fried In: Grilled
Out: Not exercising In: 30 minutes of exercise at least 3 times per week
Out: Lollies / chips / chocolate In: Nuts / fruit
Out: Your runners In: cause you need them!!!
Out: Cigarettes In: Fresh air
Out: Fast Foods In: Salads with chicken or tuna
Out: Broken self promises In: Achieving your goals
Out: Same old routine In: Fresh new you
Out: Carb dominate meals In: Metabolically typed balanced meals
Out: Feeling of anger and aggression In: Being calm & in control
Out: Skipping meals In: Eating every 3 -4 hours
Out: Not getting enough sleep In: Getting to bed by 10:30
Out: Trying to do 1000 things at once In: Time management
Out: Thinking about what you haven’t got (materialistic) In: Appreciating what you have got
Out: Working all the bloody time In: Allowing time to relax and enjoy life
Out: Not having clear define goals In: Writing your goals down and ticking them off
Out: Excuses In: Ways to make it happen
Out: Trying to impress others In: Being yourself
Out: Whinging In: Being positive and happy
Out: Being mediocre In: Stepping Up
Out: Being serious all the time In: Having fun
Out: Dreaming In: Doing
Out: The old you In: The new you

I am sure there is more… but let’s nail a few of these first.

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