Starting 2010 with a clean slate

The New Year brings with it the opportunity to start with a clean slate. What is it that you are going to focus on in 2010?


I heard a startling fact on the television this morning (sarcastic tone), less than 25% of people will actually achieve their New Years Resolution of losing weight, getting fit or quitting smoking – that is piss poor isn’t it!

How can we be one of the few that are actually able to succeed when it come to achieving our goals? Well you actually have to set some goals – not in your head actually take the time to write them down… click here to read my Goal Setting Made Easy post.

Once you have set your goals now you are ready to go – it is not always going to be easy but; I believe if you want it enough you can do almost anything!!! A want, a desire and the power to stick – when it gets tough you don’t go off rails and undo all of the hard work – you stick it out find a way and make it happen.

If you want to be fitter, healthier, quit smoking or whatever it may be – the only person that holds you back is yourself.

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