Summers coming – time to shape up

Here in Melbourne the weather is warming up which means summer is fast approaching – which means dresses, shorts and more skin showing. Are you ready for that? If you are still sporting your winter fat stores – here is my list of ways to strip the fat and look great for summer.

Get “in shape” for summer checklist. (Part 1)

Eat smaller meals more often – summer time is about grazing. You don’t want to sit down to 3 big heavy meals, try 5 – 6 smaller meals and snacks to give you metabolism a boost.

Ditch the empty calories – no sugar, no flour, no chips, no chocolate – you know these foods give you zero energy so why eat them, replace them with quality foods raw nuts and small pieces of fruit.

Stop dodging salads – summer time is great for salads. Remember to include lots of raw green leafy veggies as well as carrots, capsicums, tomato (……the list goes on) and don’t forget your protein (grilled chicken, fish or beef) yum!!! But try to steer clear of salad dressings these are loaded with nasty ingredients that will sabotage your best efforts.

Layoff the caffeine – summer is a great time to ditch the coffee, try rehydrating with water, include a slice of lime flavour or maybe try a herbal tea.

Change you exercise plan – the weather is beautiful outside so who want to be stuck inside? Walking, bike riding, swimming as well as jogging are always nice summer options. But if you insist on hitting the gym try circuit training 6 -8 exercises straight through short rest then go again. (In and out 40mins max).

Try to exercise in the morning before the heat of the day kicks in – this also to will give you free time in the afternoons to kick back and enjoy daylight savings.

That’s should start the ball rolling – look out for some more summer tips.

- Anthony

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