Sure fire ways to ruin your results part 1

I continue to see clients and other people in gyms etc making silly little mistakes – mistakes that can potentially undo the results that they strive for. Today I will cover 2 what I like to call sure fire ways to ruin your results.

Sports drinks – most people don’t need to consume sports during or even after exercise. The only people who should be consuming these drinks are people participating in physical activities or sports with durations of longer than 2½ hours. Too many people are sucking this stuff down during or after a jog or a spin class – well guess what you have just consumed more calories than you just burned. Where do these calories come from? Sugar and from what we already know is that excess sugar is stored in your muscles, your liver and then in unlimited amount of bodyfat!!! Why were you training again? Low carb energy drinks are not the answer either – the artificial sweeteners are often far worse than sugar. The answer is H2O folks – yes water is what is needed by the body to rehydrate. For those of you worried about the mineral loss during exercise I suggest adding a tiny pinch of organic sea salt to your water bottle. Organic sea salt is high in trace minerals the same ones you sweat out. Remember too that you should be consuming your body weight in Kgs x 0.033 in litres of water per day.

Not proportioning your meals properly – what did you have for breakfast? Ok how about lunch? Are you carrying more bodyfat than you would like? Well – Without fail I can guarantee that you are eating too many carbohydrates. Toast or cereal for breaky – no protein there! As for the sandwich you ate for lunch yeah there might be some protein, but the ratio of carbohydrate to protein is normally 2:1 which is around the wrong way for most people. My advice is ditch the bread, go for salads with chicken, lamb, salmon are going to be far better for helping you achieve your goals. Get yourself Metabolically typed to find out your ratio’s.

Look out for part 2 of this blog coming soon.


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