Take the gym with you

I have a lot of clients who travel with work, and an excuse I hear a lot is it’s too hard to get to a gym while I am away. This puts their entire fitness and training regime on hold for the next week or so. But now I have a solution, I have found a new tool that is a take away full body mobile gym. It’s called the TRX.

The TRX is fantastic system that lets you replicate pretty much any exercise you can do in the gym – as well as many other exercises you can only do on the TRX.  All you need is a beam to attach or a purchase the door anchor. The entire system weighs less that and kilo so it is ultra easy to pack into your suitcase when travelling.

Training on the TRX is great for any fitness level because all of the exercises can be progressed or regressed to suit the individual – and with thousands of different exercises to choose from boredom is definitely not going to be an issue.  One of the best things about the TRX system is that almost every exercise and machine in the gym can be replicated – with very simple adjustments to the system.

I am a massive fan of circuit training – that is moving from one exercise to the next with no rest, and then repeating that 4 times. The TRX is perfect for circuit training. Here is one of my circuits:

Power Lunge with high knee (Single handle mode) 12 Reps each side
Single leg Squat with Hip drop 12 Reps
High Row 12 Reps
Y Row 12 Reps
Bicep Curls 12 Reps
Pushups 12 Reps
Tricep Extensions 12 Reps
Atomic Ab blast (L Oblique crunch, R Oblique Crunch, Middle Crunch) x 7 each 21 Reps

Watch it here:

If you are interested in getting your own TRX you can them from www.slingfitness.com

- Anthony

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