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Welcome to my first “tell it like it is” blog entry. Tell it like it is – really shouldn’t need an explanation but – every month I will write about a topic without pulling any punches. A disclaimer: it is my opinion and you don’t have to agree with it – please form your own opinions, you are not a robot.

The television show “the biggest loser’ is a absolute joke.  Each 30 minute show (actually only runs for 22 minutes with 8 minutes of ads) would have been lucky to have 15 minutes of new content – I can remember what happened before the ads you don’t have to show me it again!

On the surface the show seems harmless – taking overweight individuals teaching them about the benefits of good nutrition and exercise, helping them to lose weight. I believe that there is actually a lot of merit in the idea and it can motivate others to take action – and regain control of their lives. However this is not what the show does and I believe the show sunk to new lows this year.

There are several areas of the show that p!55 me off, they are:

It looks like it is actually one big holiday – wouldn’t it be great not to have to worry about work, home or your family, just get away train, sleep and eat. When you don’t work you have time to spend 3+ hours in the gym – I thought it was supposed to be reality television – that is not the real world, anyone could do that. I am not a fan of the whole game play – these people should be there to lose weight and regain health. There should be no prize money – contestant’s greed and manipulation (the worst of human traits) begins to take over and that is not the reason they wanted to be on the show and it cheapens the whole experience.

The host – what the hell is going on with her? Did you know that she’s a criminal – she was claiming the dole or not paying taxes – and should be sacked.  The previous year’s winner should be the host – someone that has made a significant change or someone that is a good and moral role model – someone that is fit and health and cannot be mistaken for one of the contestants. Now I know she doesn’t write the scripts, but someone buy these guys a thesaurus so they can coin some new phrases – maybe then she will stop saying “this is going to change the game forever.”

The show itself became one giant advertisement for Burgan bread and the biggest loser club website (as well as drinks, bars and soups). Blatant product placement left you feeling like you were watching a bad infomercial – like those you see on television after 2am. Advertisements should only run during ad breaks – don’t try to disguise them as being educational. I can see the show’s producers – ala Jerry McGuire – shouting “show me the money.” Poor form, very poor form.

The training – taking people that have never exercised before and giving them “high intensity” exercise equals injuries (how many contestants were wearing knee braises?). The technique demonstrated by the participants was atrocious – and poor technique equals injuries. Wearing a backpack filled with weights while running on a treadmill is one of the dumbest things I have ever seen. The trainers are responsible for the health and safety of the participants – it is actually their duty of care – something I believe that they failed.

The show does nothing to promote health and fitness – watching people get smashed from pillar to post isn’t going to motivate anyone to start exercising. We never actually get to see the contestants eat – so the viewers have absolutely no idea what foods they are eating or how many calories they are consuming.  If you were following the advice that was presented in the show you are probably sucking down a meal replacement now or about to eat your 2 slices of burgen bread – good luck with that, because you’re going to need it.

Work, train and live smarter not harder.
–    Anthony

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