Tell it like it is #2

As you may or may not know every month I give myself the opportunity to move away slightly from talking about health, fitness and improving performance I pick a topic and just like the title says tell it like it is. Last month I wrote about the Biggest loser television show and was shocked to learn that actually posted a link from there site to my blog.

Well this month is a new month and it is time again for me to tell it like it is.

Swine flu

You would have to living under a rock if you haven’t heard of the pandemic that is sweeping the world. Swine flu is everywhere and apparntly we are all at risk of contracting it. Now I am not denying that swine flu actually exists but is it actually really any worse than the normal flu? As far as I know only 115 people have died from with most of them being in Mexico and yet thousands and thousands of people every single year die of the regular flu.

Should we be worried or scared of swine flu or is it simply something that has been devised to take our minds away from the gfc (global financial crisis) and the amount of jobs that have been lost. I find it quite funny that this year 2009 is the Chinese year of the pig – is there something to that?  Last year was the Chinese year of the horse and we had equine influenza that while it did only effect horses, it did bring the racing industry to a stand still. The year before we had bird flu and the year before that we SARS, something isn’t right here.

Moving slightly away from swine flu for a minute, I want you to think about why these animals are getting sick in the first place? I believe it has something to do with the treatment and welfare of the animals – which we end up eating. Did you know that the cows which produce the beef we eat are fed anything from out of date lollies to cement dust as well as steroids  and growth hormones too fatten them up asap? Remember meat is sold by the kilo and not by the health of the animal. Pigs are packed into pens so tightly they can hardly move, they live in their own filth and are also fed junk food that is no longer fit for human consumption. Chickens are also mistreated with many of them never ever seeing the light of day.  Is it then any wonder why these animals end up getting sick? Surely it is not ideal for humans to be consuming meat from these animals.

Farmers today know that their animals are going to get sick, firstly by the way the animals are kept and also to the the poor quality feed they give the animals. But we don’t need to worry about this because the farmers feed antibiotics to the animals ensuring they stay alive – well long enough to sell anyway. With every animal product we consume being full of antibiotics is it any wonder that many humans are now antibiotic resistant and we now have these super bugs going around?

Here in Australia not a single person has died from swine flu – and I don’t expect that number to change. If you actually look at some stats about swine flu fatalities we see that the most deaths have occurred in Mexico. Why Mexico?  Mexico is overcrowded and much of the population suffers from malnutrition – leaving them vulnerable to illnesses, diseases and infections.

At the end of the day, I believe that the virus is not actually as bad as the media is reporting. The only people that should be concerned are people with weak or compromised immune systems – like young children and the elderly. If we are serious about our own health we should start to buy organic free range meats. Organic meat is the free of antibiotics, growth hormones and the animals are fed high quality feed.

Don’t believe the hype – swine flu is not the plague, we are not all going to die from it.


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