Tell it like it is #3

What we don’t know won’t hurt us

Today we live in an industrialised world, life is easier than it used to be – we don’t have to grow or even cook our own food, we can turn on a tap and water flows. While this simpler life all seems great – we have actually lost something that is very important and that is control. It time to find out the truth about what we are doing to our health and that of our children.

“What we don’t know won’t hurt us” or “ignorance is bliss” so the sayings go, well that isn’t really true. What we don’t know or turn a blind eye to is in fact making us sick and is slowly poisoning us. The truth is that dangerous, toxic chemicals are being sprayed on food, added to our drinking water as well as in the products we use on a daily basis – and the authorities who are supposed to look after our health are doing absolutely nothing!

Water – today and for the last five or so decades, our water supplies and dams have been treated with fluoride. Fluoride is supposed to prevent tooth decay which seems like a good idea – but there is little if any scientific research to support that. Fluoride is a poison and many European countries have banned adding it to their water supplies.

Fluoride is linked to many health problems including; cancer, low IQ’s in children, genetic disorders and muscle degeneration. It also disrupts the synthesis of collagen and leads to breakdown in the bone, tendon, skin, cartilage, lungs, trachea, and kidney.

Knowing all of this – local and federal governments still insist on adding these chemicals in to our water.  As well as fluoride most tap water contains chlorine – which also has negative effects on humans. I don’t know about you but I want to be drinking poison – but if you drinking unfiltered tap water that’s what you’re getting.

Food – I wish I could say that it is just junk foods that where full of chemical – but even fresh fruit and vegetables are sprayed with pesticides, fungicides and chemical fertilizers.  Pesticides are designed to protect crops from insects, rodents, weeds and other pests – reaping a bigger harvest and larger returns for farmers – but pesticides are just the beginning of vicious circle of more and more chemicals being spayed over the food we eat.

The residue from these pesticides remains on the produce and is carcinogenic and leads to a whole host of health problems like cancer, birth defects and nerve damage. But it also responsible for soil degradation, meaning the next time around farmers require more fertilizer and this goes on and on – pretty much until nothing will grow in that soil and we are already starting to see this.

Are you scared yet? I haven’t even begun to touch on processed foods which are even worse. Processed foods are laden with artificial colourings, flavouring and preservatives many with names that you can’t even pronounce. Food is no longer food it is a chemical concoctions that are cooked up labs not kitchens, food should give us energy and life not poison and kill us.

People get upset (I know I do) when someone smokes – we remind them that tobacco, tar and other chemicals are poisoning that person. But no one seems to care when someone drinks tap water full of fluoride and chlorine or eats an apple laden with pesticides and chemical fertilizers. All three contain dangerous poisons yet we only worry about the one of them.

It is time to wake up – stop poisoning yourself. Buy organic meats and produce, get a water filtration system.
– Anthony

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