Tell it like it is #4

Banning Bottled water

In case you didn’t already know I am not a huge fan of drinking tap water, unless it is filtered. So when I heard that some schools and councils were planning to ban bottled water, I actually said WTF.  I understand that plastic bottles are bad for the environment (so is thousands of other things schools / councils don’t give a crap about) but does banning bottled water actually solve anything? NO

Why do people buy bottled water? It’s easy to carry around – and because hydration is extremely important. Instead of banning bottle water why don’t we ban plastic bottles – or that just make too much sense? The water is not the problem the plastic bottles are. Would people still buy it if it didn’t come in a plastic bottle? YES

People may (and they have already) say that banning water in plastic bottles is the first step in ridding us of the plastic bottle but I believe that is nonsense. Targeting bottled water is beating around the bush – more coke is sold than bottled water so why don’t they ban that? Coke and Pepsi for that matter own and distribute a large portion of the bottled water.

If you can buy bottled water what then, go out in search of public drinking fountain?(if you can find one, have you actually seen the state in which there in?) Alternatively you can jump someone’s fence so you get a drink out of their garden hose (hope they don’t have a dog).

Whatever happened to recycling? I thought the reason companies switch to plastic was because it was easier to recycle – maybe that was just spin. But if people are serious about saving the planet more people should be recycling. In other states and countries the 5c refund works well.

Water is an essential part of life (heaps more info about the importance of water here) – don’t ban bottled water that’s a half arsed approach – ban plastic bottles full stop.  FYI I use an aluminum bottle that I fill with filtered tap water from home.

- Anthony

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