The 10 commandments of Training

The 10 commandments of Training – these aren’t really in any particular order though:

1. Keep a training log – too many people (and trainers) don’t – HTF are you suppose to know if your improving?!

2. Take measurements / skinfolds / bodyfat etc – same reason as above.

3. Periodise your routine – we know that the body adapts very quickly. You should increase your loads and volume overtime and unload to freshen up.

4. Big Bang exercises are better than isolation machine exercises. Squats, Lunges, Bends (Deadlifts), Pushes, Pulls, Twists – these are the foundation of all movements and remember the body moves in three planes of motion (Sagital, Frontal and Transverse).

5. Proper technique should always be a priority! Avoid injury – say no more.

6. Don’t get sucked in by gimmicks / fads – new amazing piece of equipment you only need 8 no 7 no 12mins to have a shredded six pack.

7. Keep your training sessions to or less than one hour – like Poliquin says if your there longer than 1hr you making friends not working out : )

8. Tempo, Rests and Time under tension – these should appear in you program and you should follow them.

9. Learn – know the difference between fast and slow twitch muscle and train them appropriately – FYI your Abs are fast twitch stop doing 100’s of sit-ups. FFS My ab training article

10. Don’t forget to train you stabilizers – very important for posture and proper joint function.

If you come to my gym – don’t drop the f@#$ing weights we don’t think you are cool we think you are a wanker.


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